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Rods are heat treated to a blonde, dark blonde or flamed colour. Wraps from the finest silk or from nylon, depending on the customer´s choice. Fitted with high quality reel seats of Bellinger or Struble manufacturing with cap and ring style on 3, 4 and 5wt rods and with up or down lock screw style seats on 6wt rods and heavier. Hardware made of nickel silver or from aluminium with inserts from varnished choice hardwood or from cork. Ferrules are from nickel silver and of the best manufacturing. Stripping guide frames are from nickel silver with agate or agatine rings in clear red colour. Select ½’’ cork rings of highest grade are used for the grip and turned to the shape of the customer choosing.

Rods comes with cloth bags and aluminium tube.

All rods are dip varnished, serial numbered and signed by the maker.  





"Spring Creek” Series


"Spring Creek” Series

Deep flexing, yet crisp action. 2-piece in dark blonde coloured bamboo with Antique Gold and Claret silk wraps. Cigar grips. Solid built.

7’ 3’’ 4wt

Good roll casting abilities and very suitable for tight conditions. Powerful tip for drying flies easily when false casting. A tough little 4wt.

7’ 6’’ 5wt

Loads quickly for good close up fishing and with good leader turnover at distance. A good all-round 7½ foot 5wt with sweet roll casting abilities.

7’ 9’’ 5wt

A longer version of the 7’ 6’’ rod above for best in the air and on the water line control. 



“Fall River” Series  

Medium-fast to fast action. 2-piece in blonde coloured bamboo with Gold and Claret silk wraps. This series of rods can be orderd with a swelled butt as an option which will noticeably cahange carachter of the rod. Hollow built.

7’ 6’’ 4wt

A light rod with a crisp fast-flex action. Suitable for most 4wt fishing in moderate size waters. Cigar grip. Fast action.

8' 4wt

A longer version of the 7’ 6’’ rod above but with a somewhat eased up action. Will cover most 4wt trout fishing in streams and rivers. A perfect dry fly rod and will turn long leaders over with ease. Cigar grip. Medium fast action.

8' 3'' 4wt

A long 4wt with nice roll-casting abilities even though it has a faster taper slope. The rod is light in hand for this length. Nice rod for a 4wt. Cigar or wells grip. Medium fast action.

8' 5wt

Sweet casting 8 footer with a powerful butt for good distance if desired, yet very smooth close up. A good all around rod that will handle dry fly fishing and weighted nymphing just as well. Cigar grip. Fast action.

8' 3'' 5wt

A good all-round 5wt rod that covers most fishing in Scandinavian streams. Nice length that is seeing more and more fans. Cigar or wells grip. Medium fast action.

8’ 6’’ 5wt

Big sister to the 8' 3'' 5wt above in a three inch longer length. Large water rod for most types of flies and with superb line control on and off the water. Wells grip. Medium fast action.

8' 3'' 6wt

Good rod for tougher conditions with a 6wt line. Large streamers and weighted flies will handle easy with this one as well as stillwater fishing. Wells grip. Medium fast action.

8' 6'' 6wt

A longer version of the 8' 3' 6wt above. Will do nicely as a boat rod with very good distance ability. Wells grip. Medium fast action.


”The 5wts”


Mats´ personal favourites. Fast medium action. Although these rods are designed from Mats` own thougts as for rod actions, they are inspired by the B-series of tapers from E.C. Powell. Made only as mottled flamed with Amber and Java Brown silk wraps. 2-piece with blued nickel silver hardware. Hollow built.

Sweet Little Lisa”

7’ 6’’ 5wt. Will do anything you would like a 7½ footer to do. Wonderful roll-caster close up and at distance. Sweet and sensitive action yet with good power and crispness for dry flies. Cigar grip.

Black Betty”

8’ 3’’ 5wt. Mats´ own to-go rod. Will cover most fishing situations including still water and deep wading. A very versatile rod that will socialize un-effortlessly with any water where you would pick a 5wt. Cigar grip.

Proud Mary”

8’ 6’’ 5wt. A big river sweetheart, yet light in hand and responsive. Superb fishing tool and will handle any fly your line will carry. Excellent nymphing rod. Cigar grip.


8' 9'' 5wt. The longest 5wt I´m making from my own tapers. A rod with authorithy that will cast any fly you want a 5wt line to carry. Screw up-locking reelseat from aluminium and a full-wells grip.


Other Rods


Mats has a large library of modern and vintage tapers, so if you have a favourite he will of course be happy to make your Payne, Young, Garrison, Dickerson or whatever you desire for you. Give him a call or drop him a line as he would love to discuss it with you.






Stefan Broms


2 piece 2 tips rods: 6’ 6’’ - 8’ 6’’


3 piece 2 tips rods: 7’ - 9’

Rods includes reel seats of Stefan´s own manufacturing in nickel silver or aluminium with select hardwood or cork inserts upon the customer´s request. Ferrules also of Stefan´s own make turned from nickel silver to Super-Z design. All nickel silver hardware can be blued if desired. Stripping guides are agate or Mildrum tungsten style.

Wrappings can be done with or without tippings and cork grips turned to the shape of the customer´s choosing.

All rods are dip varnished and signed by the maker.



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